Beyond Theatre Ltd

'Creators of Entertainment Experiences'

The company produces and creates entertainment experiences .

"We look to take audiences  beyond conventional theatre with an emphasis on immersive productions".

This unique travelling theatre has been designed to be COVID compliant.

It is likely that social distancing will remain a mandatory requirement in theatres for the foreseeable future, and that being the case, the DriveINSIDE  operating model , with a capacity of 800 seats, will look to stage productions all over the United Kingdom. 

Once social distancing ceases to be obligatory , and should the company consider it safe to do so, a conventional seating system will replace the driveinside model.

The latter operational model is branded "TheatreAnywhere" and will have a capacity of 5,500 seats.

The company's principal activities include the writing and producing of their own shows.

Their last production was an immersive staging of Jesus Christ Superstar inside a cathedral and acclaimed by critics to be sensational. 

Their new rock opera, WhiteWitch, will have its premiere at The DriveINSIDE Trafford Centre Theatre on June 5th.



Bringing friends, families and loved ones together

The DriveINSIDE venue has been created to maximise the safety for audiences and performers.

The  venue will always comply with both government and local restrictions.

If "bubble "advice is mandatory for the area of performance, then we ask that you act responsibly and ensure that you comply with advice.

Shows that are family friendly are marked (F) and if we feel that it unsuitable for families with younger children then (A)

House Rules

  • Audiences must arrive in a vehicle

  • Once parked you must ONLY leave your vehicle on the driver's side. You will then be in your own socially distanced isolated area.

  • You may bring your own folding chairs or hire from the venue.

  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

  • Food and drinks can be brought inside but a car will be asked to pay a £5.00 'House Charge"